Mitya Kuznetsov

Composer.World Music Producer.Performer.

What I Do

"I have chosen ethno, new age and world music to be my way of creativity, and my companions are authentic instruments whose list and characteristics can be found on the official site of my multimedia-art-residence and production label Ethno-Kuznya".



"I took up music at 9 and started professional concerting career in my green years when, in 1987 as a “15-year-old son of the troop”, I took part in setting up the well-known folk band Sedmaya Voda. My discography includes soundtracks to foreign and home films, collaborations and recordings with nationally recognized bands and musicians, and a number of works devoted to musical peculiarities of various ethnoses – the Scots, the Slavs, African tribes, the people of Ireland, North America and the East…"


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